• Kegel Exercises

    Kegel Exercises
    What are Kegel Balls? Kegel balls / ben wa balls have been used for centuries to maintain pelvic floor muscles. Originally ben wa balls were made from metals and created pretty small so you needed muscles of steel to utilize them properly. Luckily modern kegel balls have progressed a long way and come in a lot of different sizes, styles with lots of features...
  • Dilator Usage

    Dilator Usage
    Vaginal Dilator Usage Dilators can be a useful tool for people who wish to stretch their vagina. In this guide we will explain a little about their usage and give some tips. Please note we are not medical professionals only educators, if you have any concerns about your body please ask your medical care team for advice.  What is a Dilator? Dilators generally come in...
  • Lubes, Lubes, Lubes

    Everything feels better with lube, whether its using toys, giving hand jobs, penetrative sex or anal. With so many lube choices what one is the right one for you and your chosen activity. 
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