Squirting 101

What is Squirting? 

You may or may have not heard the term squirting before, there are also a bunch of other terms that some people use interchangeable (but are slightly different) like gushing and female ejaculation. 

So here we are talking about the release of an almost clear (and abundant) liquid during sexual arousal, you may have seen it in porn, heard about it from friends or even experienced it and not known what it is. 

This article is dedicated to vagina owners. 

Isn't it just Pee? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when the topic of squirting comes up, the question is it just pee? The answer is an unequivocal, 100%, no doubt about it NO - it's a lot more complicated than just urine. 

In various studies that have been done there has been found to be close to zero (or trace amounts) of urea and creatinine with higher levels of PSA, PAP and glucose. There was a study completed in 2015 that indicated that the liquid portion was largely sourced from the bladder however the press mistakenly jumped on this and reported "squirting is peeing" because who doesn't like a good attention grabbing headline. However there are a lot more complex functions going on at the same time (including utilizing the Skene gland) and introduction if PSA and PAP. 

Even if there is some pee involved, so what? The human body (and sex especially) is a very very messy thing, there's already lots of bodily fluids all over the place, so sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasure. 

Some Important Anatomy

There are various ways to learn to squirt and there are various areas you can utilize to help you.


One of the important areas to focus on with squirting is going to be the G-Zone, we use the term G-Zone because it more accurately represents the area instead of a single point. This is generally located 2-3 inches within the vagina and can be found by putting pressure towards your belly button.

Skene Glands 

These glands product the female ejaculate (unlike urine which comes from the urethra), thes no direct manipulation needed, its just good to know where your squirt is coming from. 

Toys used

Since we are heavily focusing on the G-Spot here, we will want a toy that is curved and rigid enough to put some pressure against the G-Zone. 

NJoy Pure Wand My first experience of squirting was with the Njoy Pure Wand (although another great option is the Le Wand Loop). This wand is made from stainless steel and is a little heavier, but it is non porous, has a great g-spot stimulation shape and works fantastically to be able to put some good fun pressure on the G-Zone. I've recommended this toy to a lot of people and had some amazing feedback on it. 

Having said this, there are still plenty of other G-Spot toys that would work (or just bare fingers if you aren't a fan of toys). Some other toys I recommend :- 


Honestly any g-spot capable toy will work a long as it feels good for you. 

How do I get started?

First, if you are successful you can generate a decent amount of liquid, so make sure that you are well hydrated and you are somewhere comfortable you don't mind getting wet. I like to put down towels before playing that way I'm not paranoid about soaking the bed and I can fully get into it. 

Relaxing is important to, this isn't a race! Make sure you have plenty of time to explore the feelings and aren't going to rush anything. Some people like to light some candles or have a nice warm bath first. 

At this point you'll want to start with your usual routine of self pleasure, you need to warm yourself up a little first until your g-spot swells. I recommend alternating between clit stim, (either manual or using your favorite vibrator / bullet ) and g-spot manipulation. If this is your first time playing with your g-spot or its an alien feeling to you it may take a little longer to get the desired results. Your goal will be to give yourself enough pleasure that your g-spot becomes swollen. 

I recommend at this point putting a little more focus onto the g-spot (while still maintaining clit stimulation). To focus on the G-Spot I recommend a massage movement, either with a come here motion (i.e if you are extending your finger and beckoning someone towards you) or a gentle side to side motion (best with a pure wand). 

You will then want to get yourself to the point of orgasm, although orgams aren't required to squirt they are easier to practice with during your first few attempts to understand what it feels. You may feel the urge to urinate, and if you do perfect - have your orgasm at this point. 

While you are orgasming push hard into the orgasm, it sometimes helps to draw your knees up into your chest to give yourself a little boost. If you feel you need to pee then don't fight it, let it come!

If you don't manage to squirt this time don't give up, most people don't get it on their first few attempts. Its important to stay relaxed and positive when trying (if you get in your own head its never going to work). 

Does it always feel the same?

No, at least not for me, when I first started I always had this overwhelming feeling of needing to pee, but as I become used to the sensation then it changed from an urge to pee to being able to anticipate the squirting and control it more - including the duration and intensity. 

Can all vagina owners squirt?

Unfortunately there isn't enough studies to say yes or no to this question as of yet. There are a lot of mental barriers people have and also a lot of physical barriers that some have to overcome, but if you didn't succeed in your first few attempts I wouldn't give up. I also wouldn't stop enjoying the pleasure, the point of squirting is to help you enjoy your sexual pleasure, if during the process you manage that but don't manage to squirt - still consider it a win! Any time we can feel good about the pleasure we have is a positive experiance. 



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