Silicone toys are considered the "best in class". They are non porous, long lasting, body safe, and easily cleaned. Because they are non porous they don't harbor bacteria and are easily cleaned using simple soap and running water. 

If you want to be super safe, if the toy is completely silicone (i.e no motors or electricals or other materials) they can be plopped in some boiling water for super clean. 

The downside to silicone is that generally speaking Silicone Toys are NOT compatible with silicone lubricants. So if you wish to use a lube, choose one from our water based selection


TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) are normally used in softer toys. They are however porous which can allow microbes to grow on them, because of this we don't carry any insertable toys made in TPE/TPR and instead only carry external toys. 

TPE And TPR Are still body safe (all Buzz Love toys do not contain phthalates), however when cleaning we suggest taking a little longer and giving them a little more love in the process. 

We still suggest using hot soapy water, drying them *completely* and giving them a light dusting of cornflour. This will help extend the lifetime of the toys. 

If you ever notice discoloration in your TPE toys it's an indicator that it is time to get a new one. 


ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Plastic is used for toys which require a harder shell. ABS is plastic is found in things like bullets, handles for vibrators, hard vibrators, and even in non adult items like LEGO. 

ABS is non porous so its super easy to clean, we recommend just some soap and water and giving it a quick dry. 

ABS is compatible with all lubrication types, the only caveat we have here is that if it is light colored ABS there may be some staining with oil based lubricants (this does not affect the safety of the product). 


PVC By itself is not a harmful material, unfortuantley however the companies who make toys from PVC generally do not list the plasticisers and softeners that are used in the process. Because of this reason we do not carry any PVC items that are in "toys". 

The only exception to this rule we have at Buzz Love is when PVC is tested as "medical grade" and the company have a long tradition of open, transparent and honest dialogue with the industry. This is commonly the case for items like douches. 

Follow the cleaning instructions that come as part of your toy since PVC toys usually have specific suggested cleaning methods. 

Stainless Steel

We love stainless steel. It is super easy to clean, non porous and compatible with all lubrication types. They are generally heavier materials but also great. 

Cleaning is similar to silicone in that they can be boiled or simply cleaned with hot soapy water. 

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