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Since I started selling in brick and mortar stores, before working at Buzz Love, I always had a secret love for Aneros toys. They always looked like little works of art sitting there on the shelf. I would be envious of the prostate owners that bought them knowing that I would never get the chance to experience the talked about “Super O” (a transcendent, prostate type orgasm) – my partner however, gets to try out the toys that don’t work with my body.

So, when I had the opportunity to attend one of their webinars and speak to one of their reps I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to gain a more in depth knowledge of their products and  share with you all what I learned.

First - what are Aneros toys?

Aneros actually started as a medical company and still are. They designed a hands free massager for people with prostate health issues to receive prostate milking sessions without having to visit their physician for a digital prostate massage. People using their products started to give the feedback that while wearing the massager it was producing some rather pleasurable feelings. 

Aneros listened, researched and explored this feedback and made available to all prostate owners an effective sexual aid that promoted health as well as pleasure. The general idea of the prostate massager is that it’s a firm, hands-free device that prostate owners insert into the anus and by performing anal kegel exercises they are able to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly if needs be

It is vastly different from a standard butt plug which might not move as much or even touch the prostate. Aneros devices use a self pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and externally. They are designed specifically with the prostate in mind. Many years of detailed research and development has given Aneros a deep understanding of male anatomy, giving their products a unique, safe and pleasurable fit. 

What is the difference in the models?

So when I got my very first look at the product range I was a bit lost. They all kinda have a similar look with only slight differences, but each is designed to produce exciting and different effects. The classic series or The New Trident series has 4 styles. the MGX, the Helix, the Maximus and the Eupho.

  • The MGX - based on their original model this massager features a smaller head making it easier to insert. You will notice the MGX has a flatter tip than the rest. This puts a wider spread pressure on the prostate, a more flat direct push rather than a poke. It also has a ribbed profile that is great for adding extra sensation to the sphincter nerves but also giving a little bit of extra grip to help those muscles out.
  • The Helix - is considered more advanced than the MGX. It has a larger head and a more angled body which helps to produce stronger prostate sensations when the muscles contract. Special contours and balancing of this massager make it more responsive.
  • The Maximus - it is basically a beefed up MGX which gives a fuller feeling and also gives more prostate stimulation as well as anal stimulation. It does have less mobility than the MGX so is probably more suitable for those who already have some muscle tone. Having that flatter head like the MGX it gives a “softer” feeling to it.
  • The Eupho - Longer and thinner than the rest. The smallest massager in the series and the most responsive. This one requires already toned kegel muscles for this one to produce some completely mind blowing experiences. Without the muscles you will probably not experience much sensation from it but I hear it is certainly worth training for.

What do the colors represent?

You might have noticed the above models (except the Maximus for the moment) come in two colors. White and Black. So what is the difference? 

The white massagers are completely made from a non-porous, medical grade, FDA approved, rigid plastic. The firmness of this plastic makes it easier for the muscles to control the motion of the massager. The reason it is white is actually for a pretty good medical reason. It lets the user see if there is any blood when the toy is removed which could indicate a possible medical issue that a doc should be checking out.

The black massagers (Syn model) core is made from the same firm plastic of the white version but it has a soft, silicone coating. The arms of the massager have a flex to them making them more comfortable to wear over an extended period of time. It also gives a more subtle control over the intensity of the experience.

Umm, what is the purpose of the P-Tab and K-Tab?

The current massagers now have two upward pointing arms with a little ball on the ends. The front arm that curves upwards is called the P-Tab or the Perineum Tab. This sits between the testicles and the anus and puts external pressure onto the prostate. The K-Tab or the Kundalini Tab is designed to press on the base of the tailbone to stimulate a nerve for extra sensation.

These two tabs work with the main body of the device to create something called MAMA or Multi-Axial Movement Architecture. A new design that was introduced in 2017. If you had an aneros product before then it would have had a curly arm instead of the K-Tab, this was used as a handle to aid stimulation. The new design makes it hands free using only kegel muscles to effectively control the device. This means your hands are free to get up to other things!

Which one is for beginners?

So technically there really isn’t a “beginners” product as prostate massage is very different from anal training. With anal training you start with a small plug working your way up to a larger plug helping the sphincter muscles stretch and get your body used to the feeling. It creates a sense of fullness but generally does not move in the way a prostate massager does and may not even touch the prostate. 

Aneros devices, on the other hand put the focus on the prostate so it really comes down to your preferred prostate intensity. However! They do have some recommendations on where to start.If you have never used a prostate massager before you will want to look at the MGX Trident. It’s smaller head makes insertion easier and the ribbed stem gives something for muscles to grip onto. If you are completely new to “butt stuff” then this is a good place to start. I would also choose the white plastic over the silicone as the firmness of the plastic gives you more control over the motion. Also look at the Helix especially if you are familiar with anal play or butt plugs or perhaps looking for a stronger prostate sensation.

Other products

You will notice Aneros have a few other products in their collection. These have been created with sexual pleasure in mind instead of just stimulation of the prostate.

The Progasm and Progasm Jr

The Progasm’s size certainly makes this one more for “intermediate users”. The Progasms are larger in length and width and focus on giving that feeling of fullness as well as prostate stimulation. The Junior being a slightly more compact version takes away some of the intimidation factor away from the size of the Progasm. They also come in 4 colors including a glass like and fiery red, made in a wonderful medical grade plastic.

Vice 2

A larger device similar to the Progasm but with the added fun of vibrations! It comes with a handy wireless remote which makes life a lot easier when you want to change one of the 18 vibration patterns. It now has two powerful, rechargeable motors instead of the removable vibe which was in the original Vice. This adds an extra dimension to your play!


Aneros is a well recognised company who have worked with some great educational and research establishments. They continually evolve their products through extensive R&D, customer feedback and input from educational establishments. They have numerous patents on the design to help combat the plethora of “Amazon fakes” that pop up from time to time, but when it comes to prostate health and pleasure - I’d stick with the original. Now if I only I had a prostate *dream*.  

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