Buzz Love like many others are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and saddened by the effects it has on many. We understand the concern and uncertainty that our customers may face during this evolving situation. 

We take the safety of our customers and our staff very seriously and we are continually taking steps to address this situation in lines with industry best practices and WHO/CDC recommendations.

With any e-commerce company getting products from the manufacturers to the doors of our customers requires teamwork from various different levels. We are aware that our response does not just stop within our organization and are working closely with our partners (manufacturers, suppliers, shipping companies, distributors) to understand their responses and ensure that they also have the safety of our customers in mind when crafting them. 

We plan to update our customers with any performance limitations in a clear and transparent way throughout this process so that everyone knows when you place an order how the COVID-19 response may affect your shipment. 

Current Status

  • Delivery Services - Not Impacted
  • Stock Levels - Marginally Impacted
    • Due to a substantial increase in sales and various wholesalers and manufacturers being closed we are unable to re-stock a significant amount of products. Our stock is updated near real time with availabilities in order to allow customers to see which items are still in stock. You will however see a LOT more out of stock badges throughout our site than usual at the present time. 
  • Processing Speed - Marginally Impacted
    • We work with several fulfillment centers throughout the US to aid in getting items to you as quickly as possible. Like other stores during this time we may be delayed by a few extra business days getting your product out to you - we are still trying to process items as quickly as possible. 

Thoughts and Thanks

Buzz Love are aware that there are many individuals who are putting their communities needs above that of their own personal safety during this evolving situations like first responders, health workers and essential personnel required to keep regular services alive for the majority of individuals. We wish to say a huge thank you for the selflessness that you have shown to your community.

If you are one of these extraordinary individuals Buzz Love would like to show our support by extending a thank you discount to any purchase you are making during this time, please get in touch with us at and we'll sort you out to help you make the most of your limited downtime!

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