Kegel Exercises

What are Kegel Balls?

Kegel balls / ben wa balls have been used for centuries to maintain pelvic floor muscles. Originally ben wa balls were made from metals and created pretty small so you needed muscles of steel to utilize them properly. Luckily modern kegel balls have progressed a long way and come in a lot of different sizes, styles with lots of features and are not just for exercise but pleasure too. 

For the purposes of this guide we are writing in regards to vagina owners, a future guide will talk about pelvic floor exercises for penis owning individuals. 

What are the health benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles?

Pelvic floor imageThe pelvic floor muscles (aka kegel muscles) are located between the vagina and anus (of vagina owning people), if you ever try and stop urinating mid stream it is your pelvic floor muscles that you are utilizing. 

Having strong pelvic floor muscles has many health benefits including :- 

  • Improved bowel control
  • Improved bladder control
  • Reducing the risk of prolapses 
  • Reducing recovery time after child birth

Not to mention a lot of benefits that aren't strictly health related :- 

  • Stronger orgasms
  • Better grip with objects inside the vagina (home grown penises and manufactured toys)
  • Improved confidence

What toy is best to get started with?

Buzz Love carry a range of kegel toys to give you a variety of options to select the toy that best suits you. 

If you have never used a kegel toy before we suggest starting off with something a little bigger (this is the opposite advice we give for most toys!), this is because bigger toys (as long as they aren't too heavy) require less strength to keep in. 

Blush Wellness Kit

The blush wellness kit is a all round great kit for starting out if you haven't tried Blush wellness kitkegel balls before. They have 9 possible combinations of different balls to give you the perfect weight for your exercises. Over time as you get more comfortable with the sizes you can step the weight up and improve your training. They are made from platinum grade silicone so super easy to clean and body safe. 

Je Joue Training Kit

Ami kitWe love Je Joue, unlike a lot of companies Je Joue spends a lot of their time in R&D improving their existing products. While may companies are pumping out new toys Je Joue are frantically working on customer feedback to refine each product and their kegel training kit is no exception. The Ami 3 step system has three separate balls that can be changed out over time as you get comfortable with each one. Made from medical grade silicone they are the perfect body safe non porous starter item. 

Rianne Play Balls

If your looking to step up your training and move to a smaller size then have a look at the Rianne Play Balls the benefit of these balls is that they can be used in different ways. The first is to use the holder with two of the balls (they come in four different weights) this is the easiest way to wear them, it also gives you an easy way to insert and remove them (and reduce the risk of them popping out when you don't want them to... like during a walk), you can also pop them out individually and use them which gives a little harder an exercise makes them a bit smaller and is more for the wearer who wants a challenge.

Other options

There is also the Lelo Luna Beads which are 29mm but they have a secondary internal ball. This one gives a little rattle when walking which keeps your kegel muscles activated and also gives a bit of pleasure too - sometimes desirable if your looking for a little pleasure while working out.

Other options would be looking at vibrating kegel balls if you want to increase your pleasure while getting some exercise such as We-Vibe Blooms which comes with three progressive weights.

Finally for the data geek there is the Elvie Kegel Trainer - this is app based, tracks kegel strength, has workout routines and all the bells and whistles ... but is less of a ball and is bigger not smaller than the average set.

I have a toy, now what?

Congratulations on your toy selection, so now to get started, you'll need some lube (we recommend Sliquid H2O as its pH balanced for the vagina, a nice consistency and fully compatible with silicone toys)

  1. Wash your hands, take your toy and apply some lube to it, unlike other sex toys because they are pretty small you probably don't need as much as you usually do. Select the lightest / largest one you have (over time you can graduate to smaller heavier balls)
  2. Standing up, raise one leg by putting it on a stool, sofa or bed - this will give you easier access. Pop the ball(s) in just above your pelvic floor muscles, this will be around 1" inside your vagina. 
  3. Gently place your finger on the ball (or the removal loop), contract your pelvic floor muscles (pretend you're trying to stop peeing mid-stream). If you have positioned the ball correctly you should feel the ball lift away from your finger a little amount, and when you relax drop back to its original position. 
  4. Congratulations you have performed your first kegel exercise.  To begin exercising repeat this 10 times
  5. Take a break for a minute or two 
  6. Repeat step 4 two more times for a total of 3 sets. 

How often?

To start with try doing 10 reps x 3 sets 3 nights a week. Over time you will find that this becomes too easy, when it does then start to add a slight pause in with your contractions so Squeeze <Pause for 2 seconds> Release.

Over time as your pelvic floor muscles become used to the sensation you can build up the amount of reps and sets, the pauses and ultimately weight of the ball, for the true master try reducing the size of the kegel balls. 


Once you master the basics of using a kegel ball, you can start to become a little more adventurous. Try putting them in before going a walk, doing the chores or on a date night. Remember though - just because they are there doesn't mean you are getting a workout - you need to remember and squeeze every so often! 


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