Anal 101

The thought of Anal play is still a taboo subject among a lot of people. However with a high concentration of nerve endings all centered around the anus it does lend itself to an amazing range of sensations and if you do it right you should not feel pain. 

What is Anal Play? 

The anus has a lot of nerve endings so a variety of different activities can be used on or around the anus including

  • Putting fingers around/inside someone's anus
  • Putting a tongue around/inside someone's anus
  • Putting a penis inside someone's anus
  • Putting an anal safe toy (please be safe) inside someones anus. 
  • Putting a hand inside someones anus (fisting). 

Is it safe to put things in my Anus?

Although there are a lot of anal safe toys which are designed for anal play there are also a lot of items which are NOT designed for anal play. We would recommend against using any items which isn't specifically designed for anal play. A quick google will show you how many horror stories end up in ER when the wrong types of items are used (everything from batteries to light-bulbs). 

When selecting an anal safe toy please look for something which is designed to be used there, and which is made from body safe materials which can be disinfected, has a large flange base and doesn't have any sharp or breakable edges. We have an entire selection of toys specifically designed for anal play. 

Will it hurt? 

Not if your doing it correctly! Pain is your bodies way of telling you to stop doing something, if you feel pain your going too fast, too hard or something else isn't quite right. Please avoid using any desensitizing cream or lotion as these can hide some of the warning signs that help you stop before you do any damage.

Before the party gets started

Anal play doesn't have to be messy. A shower or bath before you play to clean the area is a good idea. 

Ergoflo Anal DoucheIf you wish to use a enema/douche before anal play please use only Luke warm water without any chemicals added. Please avoid using medicated enema kits from drug stores - a lot of them contain laxatives, which may be suitable for visiting hospital for various medical procedures, but would leave things a little messy and uncomfortable for play. 

Some people like to use a towel or plastic sheet before playing and having some wipes handy ... just in case. 

Start with plugs or small items

Although porn is a very healthy and normal thing for people to watch sometimes the actions portrayed are not the safest nor the "actual" full story. Simply "shoving it in" is not realistic and will not be a fun experience at all. 

Butt plugs are items which are designed to be worn for a slightly longer period of time, either during foreplay (or for the more adventurous outside of the bedroom). They have a variety of uses but one of their primary uses is to relax the muscles and get you used to having things in your anus. If your planning on having anal sex it may be worth investing in a plug and wearing it for a little while before you play - you'll thank us later! 

How do I get started? 

The first thing you want is LOTS of lube, both on whatever your playing with and on/in your anus if you plan on doing some insertion. A good lubricant for anal play is something which is a little thicker and will stay in place (see our lube guide to understand the differences in lube). 

Once you have the entire area is all lubed up start slowly, if you try and do what you see in the porn films and just stick it in... its going to end badly! Go slow, play with the external of the anus to begin with get everything "warmed up" and then very very slowly start to insert we recommend spending at least 10-15 minutes before venturing inside.

When inserting be very slow, if there's any pain back off, wait, and try again slower if the pain persists then just back off - remember this is supposed to be fun not torture! If your playing alone then you'll know when to back off, if your playing with a partner communication is key - let them know exactly what your feeling and when to slow down! 

Is there anything I shouldn't be doing? 

  • The general rule is front to back is ok, but back to front is not! You should not put anything into the vagina that has been in/around the anus. 
  • Don't rush/shove it in. Pain is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong, you don't want to tear/rip any of the sensitive areas around the anus. So use lots of lube and take it very very slowly. 
  • Use items not suitable for anal play. There are lots of items which may initially look good for anal play, but please only use items designed for anal play. The last thing you want to do is loose something and end up in the ER. 
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if things do go wrong! If somethings happened and you did loose something up the anus that you can't get back. Head over to the ER - the nurses/doctors have seen it all before. Your not going to be the first person that has to visit (you may not even be the first that night!) 
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