Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes
This entertaining, photo-illustrated book teaches 37 step-by-step fun and easy techniques for tying sensual and beautiful rope bondage. It's designed for fun, easy, hands-on practice with more than 750 photographs and explanatory captions for those wishing to explore the art...
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Come As You Are
An essential exploration of why and how womens sexuality worksbased on groundbreaking research and brain sciencethat will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy.Researchers have spent the last decade trying to develop a pink pill...
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Are You Coming? A Vagina Owner's Guide to Orgasm
For everyone with a vagina, here's your ultimate guide to achieving orgasm your own or with a partner Real talk: When's the last time you had an orgasm? If you're in the vagina owners club, you may well answer: way...
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Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century
No matter your gender, sexual preference or erotic tastes, this book will expand your notions about pleasure and open you up to new heights of intimacy and sexual fulfillment. Discover your great cosmic orgasm by this fresh update of ancient...
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